methaphor therapy for broken hearts

when I felt the anger starting to burn

I hope you are really happy. I hope you can find yourself in a month after all these empty years. I hope you open your heart to your friends. I hope you open yourself to the empathy of your followers through the phone screen. I hope you get drunk with him on all coffee and wine you haven’t had with me. I hope it becomes a ruffled insect in your stomach that turns into a butterfly after long walks with him to show the lightness that it is to share common interests with someone else. I hope that this new excitement is so intense that you can’t contain your happiness and boners. I hope the feelings you develop for him grow like a hurricane. and that your lips are in the heat of the moment, without regret, only allowing to fill the void of the person you have become.
I hope you give voice to this burning desire. I hope you allow yourself to live the moment, to visit the greenest places, the most hipster places in Stockholm – full of succulents, clean wood and cinnamon buns. I hope you use your phone to fill your emptiness with a person that is interested in it. I hope you take selfies in bed, selfies in the bathroom. I hope you find all the emoji’s to express to him the complexity of what you are feeling. I hope you have it delivered with passion and speed in a way that you did not know you were able to.
I hope that makes you feel alive. Very much alive. And when life overflows from your cup, I hope you can look back and realize that the pursuit of truth itself did not guarantee the happiness you both sought. And while you were thinking to be more alive than even in this summer, it was winter in here. And I despaired knowing that the more I waited on you, the more you were alienating from everything we once built. I hope you can’t ever be happy when you realize that your selfish freedom has turned into solitude while hurting the only person that has ever expected something else from your shittiest, darkest side. And, then, I hope you can’t run from the reality that is yourself this time.
But, for now, I only hope.


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